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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Keeping Jesus, Letting go of Christian Exceptionalism

“Christianity is not a club. It’s not about who’s in and who’s out. It’s about how we live.”
Yes! A transformative faith is a faith that transforms how we live.
We Christians are not exceptional because we are chosen by God over others, or because we possess the truth while others do not. However, if we truly follow the way of Jesus we should be exceptional
– in the ways we love and forgive others,
– in the way we pursue truth wherever the truth leads us,
– in the ways we care for the suffering, indentify with the marginalized, and engage in social justice,
– in the ways we practice hospitality, generosity, and invest in the common good.
If more Christians could let go of their Christian exceptionalism while deepening their commitment to Jesus, we could lead the way forward in helping to heal and give hope to our world.
Read the whole article. It is a must read!
Keeping Jesus, Letting Go of Christian Exceptionalism