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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Prayer Labyrinth - Good Friday - March 30, 2018

The prayer labyrinth is an ancient pattern for prayer, meditation, and contemplation. It has been used for centuries to facilitate prayer and meditation. The most famous prayer labyrinth today is probably the one in the Chartres Cathedral. There are several typical designs: the “classical” design of seven rings, and the “medieval” design of 11 circuits in four quadrants.

We invite you to come and pray the labyrinth at your own time during the hours of 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Good Friday, March 30, 2018. Labyrinth will have the Stations of the Cross. Here are four ways to get you started:1) Ask God a question as you enter the path. Then, as you walk slowly through the twists and turns, listen for an answer. Let your steps and your silence invite the presence and guidance of God.

2) Start your journey to the center with confession (you may want to visualize your sins being left behind with every step you take). When you reach the center, journey out with affirmation (perhaps visualizing yourself picking things up or putting things on–like the righteousness of Christ, the smile of the Father, the purity of the Holy Spirit, etc.). Pause at the exit and give thanks for your cleansing journey.

3) Recite a breath prayer as you navigate the labyrinth, perhaps praying a different prayer on each leg or quadrant of your journey.

4) Lay down your burdens as you walk to the center of the labyrinth (perhaps laying down pebbles along the way as symbols of your worries or cares). In the center, pause to thank God for taking your burdens on himself (1 Peter 5:7). Then count your blessings and give thanks on the journey to the exit.

There are, of course, many more ways to pray in a labyrinth, but these are offered to get you started.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Help us Help Puerto Rico

After hurricane Maria, the people of Puerto Rico are struggling getting their basic needs met. Some have lost their homes and find themselves now homeless. People  don't have drinking water nor power. Groceries stores are a real mess to get in, and when you finally get in, there is little food to buy. It is a real chaotic situation. It is a humanitarian crisis!!!

I am a Puerto Rican minister living in Plainfield, New Jersey, with family living in the island. My heart aches for them, and for the whole people of Puerto Rico. Ever since the hurricane passed through, I've been wanting to do something, and now I've come with a concrete idea. 

With your help, we will raised money to make boxes of food that will be send by mail through the US Postal Service down to Puerto Rico. These boxes will be individual boxes given to families, by far, much better than the ones some are receiving (if they are lucky) 
by FEMA. The food in these boxes will be more nutritious and will last more days. 

With the help of my sister Waleska (Wally) Williams, we will buy the food and ensemble the boxes, and send them off to Puerto Rico. 

Down in the island these boxes will be received my sister Aida Ortega and her family. She has identified families in need with the help of her daughters Karem and Carmen. They are both teachers of public schools, in very poor neighbors and most of their students have lost their homes. They will be donating these boxes to identified families and pictures will be provided for us to see where our donations are going. 

With your help, we can give water and food to families in need. Please, give whatever you can. Give with a grateful heart for the many blessings you have. Give with compassion, and give out of joy. Help us help others. We will appreciate all your help. 

Thank you!

With a grateful heart,

Rev. D├ímaris E. Ortega, Waleska Williams 
& Aida Ortega

Waleska (Wally) Williams

Aida Ortega

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gay Pride Sunday - Joint Service with Lutheran Church in Plainfield, NJ - June 25, 2017

Join us on Sunday as we celebrate Gay Pride in a joint worship service with Cross of Life Lutheran Church in Plainfield at our church. Service starts at 10:30 am and ALL ARE WELCOME, and we really, really, really MEAN IT! The pastor of Cross of Life, the Rev. A. Lamar Torrence will be preaching.  See you on Sunday!